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Srinivas University MBA in public administration & Governance

Throughout India’s growth story since independence, our civil service system and public administration establishments are considered as the backbone of National Development. The current digital upheaval of Indian Bureaucratic System towards 21stCentury order by the Government has made governance even more prime essential part of our vibrant democracy. The civil services sector in India is growing at a rapid rate with government setting up new agencies, bodies, institutions, public sector organizations and currently is among one of the fastest growing service verticals. The rapid technological innovations and growth in civil governance areas have paved way for many public administration career opportunities. The bureaucratic sector in India is gearing itself for a paradigm change and there are much more civil service positions to come in the near future. All of these bring in huge career opportunities for those who aspire to become future bureaucrats and Indian Administrative Services (IAS) Officers.

Bureaucratic jobs are backed up by a huge wealth of diversity and almost every vacancy created in a public governance position incorporates ad ministerial elements such as Economics, constitution, law, taxes, public relations, environment, political system etc. Moreover, a career in public governance is of national stature and a number of governmental positions set up in the country have opened up opportunities for the deserving candidates.

For beginners, the bureaucratic sector provides an excellent opportunity to develop an understanding of the Indian democratic system. It paves the way for identifying various challenges in the civil service offices and provides tremendous opportunities in administrative capacities pan India as well as diplomatic positions across corporate world.

The Civil Services, Governance and Bureaucratic System is the backbone of any economy. Indian Civil Services sector witnessed significant growth in the past few years and is all set to grow exponentially in the near future, given the burgeoning Indian economy which is poised to become the third-largest economy of the world by 2030. However, to effectively cater to this exponential growth, there is a pressing need to develop highly-skilledprofessionals to lead public offices in the fast-paced and ever-changing system and environment. MBA (Public Administration & Governance Integrated IAS Training) program offered by Civil Academy in association with Srinivas University Mangalore is aimed at creating and nurturing such highly-skilled future bureaucratic managers to meet the challenges of 21st century dynamic India.

The unique work-integrated MBA program offers the best of campus life and bureaucratic world which aims to bridge the gap between the formal education system and Indian administrative system standards. With intensive project-driven classroom training in the 1st Year and extensive full-time On-the-Job Internshipfocused on experiential learning in the final semester of 2nd year in Government and Public Offices, the participants will gain the right skill sets to navigate effectively in the public workplace and thereby add great value to the civil services sector. The Unique Proposition of this Program is that it also delivers Indian Administrative Services (IAS) Exam Training followed by Army, Naval & Defence Examinations, and Staff Selection Commission Cadres SSC Coaching as well during the course tenure. Upon clearance of relevant national or state competitive exams, lucrative work placements are garnered in the area of public administration, government services and civil affairs in a pay scale of Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 per annum.

Be the first to grab this opportunity and enrol for this unique MBA in Public Administration & Governance with Integrated IAS Training of Srinivas University in collaboration with Civil Academy. For further information please visit https://srinivasuniversity.edu.in/


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